Connection to the system
Connection Process
Items not to be disposed of in the System
Specifications and Technical Information for private house connection
Grease traps (for organic greases & oils)
Oil Separator
Construction details for pumping Stations
Division of Plots

Who and when must be connected to the sewerage system

Following the construction of the sewerage system in public streets and their delivery to the Board, announcements similar to the one that follows will be made in the press for the connection to the public sewerage system: 

Every owner or occupant of a service location that is used for residential, occupational trading, business, employment for recreation or other purposes and is located in streets or areas that are referred to in the tables published in the official Gazette and in other newspapers as announcements, is obliged to construct by the deadline referred to in the announcement, at his own expense and according to the permit that is issued from the Sewerage Board of Limassol – Amathus, a private sewer that can be connected to the public sewer. Connection to the system is allowed only after the relevant written authorisation from the Board and Green Card is obtained. 

After the issue by the Board of the written authorisation according to the Regulations of the SBLA (Part I V Regulation 7(5), the owner in question or occupant is obliged to dispose all the sewage, waters, industrial liquid waste, or other waste of this service location through the public sewer and to fill with appropriate materials any septic sinks, absorbent sinks or similar private installations of sewage disposal in a way that the Board is satisfied.



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