Application form

Necessary documents to be submitted with the application for the construction permit – the Sewerage Regulations of Limassol – Amathus of 1991- 1999 


Every application must be submitted to the Board in duplicate for the issue of the permit for the construction or reconstruction or execution of alterations, additions or repairs of the building's sewer, private sewer or private system of sewage disposal or for the installation of sanitary installations and hygiene supplies. This application must be signed by the owner or occupant of the service location or by an authorised representative and be submitted in the format that the Board may specify at each time.

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • The registration certificate of the service location, if the applicant is the owner of the service location. However, if the occupant is not the owner, the contract in which it is shown appears that he is the occupant of the service location should also be submitted.
  • The plan - in duplicate - which has been drawn up and reproduced in a clear way using appropriate and authentic materials, at a scale of at least 1/100 and which will show:
    • The position, depth, inclination, shape, layout, size, type, method, and materials of construction of the sanitary installations and hygiene supplies of the sewer, private sewer, manhole or inspection points or the private system of sewage disposal and the number of the attachments that may be connected to the sewer of the building.
    • Any other information that the Board may require.
  • A topographic plan -in duplicate- in the largest available scale (of the government) in which the following should appear according to the situation:
    • the boundaries of the constructing plot and the service location which is located or is planned to be build in it. 
    • the position of the construction sewer, the visit or inspection sinks and the private sewer of the construction.
    • if it is about a private system of sewage disposal, then the position of such a system.
    • the area of the plot and the area which is covered by constructions which exist or are planned to be build in cubic metres.
  • The construction permit that has been issued by the relevant authority according to the construction which exists or that is planned to be built on the plot.
  • A note specifying the number and the area in a horizontal shape of semi-floors floors and basements of the construction. Also the hypsometric differences according to the height of the street pavements or the curve of the street in relation to the other heights as they have been approved by the Board.
  • A declaration as to whether the private construction sewer will be used to transfer in a public sewer domestic sewage or industrial liquid waste. In the case that it transfers industrial liquid waste the applicant must give to the Board additional details according to the volume, fluctuation of the discharged volume, the characteristic and the sources of the liquid waste.

The holder of the permit should give or see that a written notice of at least ten working days will be delivered to the Board's office in relation to the date and time during which he plans to start any construction work.



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