Grease traps are obligatory for the kitchens of restaurants, confectioneries, bakeries, etc.

  • They should be constructed in an accessible area for cleaning and inspection.
  • The grease trap should be watertight and be protected from erosion.
  • Grease traps should be constructed and maintained from the householder or the holder with his own expenses.
  • No waste water from toilets and bathrooms, rainwater, inorganic oil (engine oil) or any other liquid other than waste water from the kitchen basin should pass thru the grease trap.
  • Grease trap should have ventilation.
  • The pipes entering and leaving the grease trap should have minimum slope 2%.
  • Grease traps should be of type and capacity that has been approved by the Council and they must always be maintained in continuous and satisfactory operation.
  • Cleaning (emptying) and filling with clean water should take place every 14 days or maximum one month, according with the use, in order that there is always space for detention of grease and solids.
  • The dimensions and generally their use should be according with the codes CYS-EN 1825-2:2002 and CYS-EN 1825-1:2004.


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