Message from the General Manager

The Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus (SBLA) is a modern, dynamic, robust, effective, and reliable Public Institution, committed to serving our city and district.

Our vision is simple and concise:

“For the SBLA to be a model Public Institution, of which every citizen of Limassol can feel proud.”

The SBLA stands for clean seas in Limassol, abundant, inexpensive water for our farmers, our playing fields and parks, lower-cost waste management for our hotels and industrial units, clean subsoil, and clean aquifers as well as flood protection measures for our city. The SBLA is all about the protection of the natural and built environment, green development, and our quality of life.

The SBLA stands for a modern and developed Limassol.

Even after the completion and successful operation of the sewerage system throughout most of Limassol, the SBLA continues to be a strongly progress-oriented Organisation, ready to implement an extremely ambitious development programme, regarding both sewage-related issues and stormwater/flood protection works.

In 2022, SBLA accelerated in spectacular fashion all the major infrastructure works in our city, succeeding in outperforming the goals of its development budget by 140%, an impressive and rare achievement for a Public Institution.

2022 was a milestone for the SBLA, as the year in which its second Biological Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Plant came into operation in West Limassol. Our Treatment Plant, which is one of the most important infrastructure projects to be completed in the city and district in recent years, uses cutting-edge technology to offer an impressive environmental and operational performance. It will make a crucial contribution towards the achievement of our goal of extending the SBLA sewerage system to the western areas of Greater Limassol.  

Moreover, in 2022, major flood protection works in the city were accelerated, with the aim of being completed in 2023 so that this year might finally see an end to the long-running story of floods causing problems in the historical centre (old town) of Limassol and other areas surrounding the urban fabric. 

Furthermore, in 2023, the SBLA proceeded to apply a substantial reduction of 7% to its annual sewage charges, adopting the philosophy that Public Institutions have a duty to respect taxpayers and should not deprive the economy of the liquidity that is essential for the city’s growth.  

At the same time, in 2023, we are pressing ahead with a significant step towards greater modernisation, which concerns our decision to send out annual sewerage bills by e-mail, thus ending the practice of delivering them by post and thereby obtaining significant financial, operational, and environmental benefits.

The SBLA is constantly modernising, becoming stronger, better, more efficient, more outward-looking, more user-friendly, and more socially and environmentally aware. It actively supports entrepreneurship and financial/economic development in our city and district; it constitutes a substantial pillar of growth and a fundamental element of our city’s modern history.

We face today’s major challenges with optimism, determination, tenacity, method, professionalism, planning and vision.

We hereby state our readiness for the next big change: becoming part of the forthcoming Limassol District Council, a move that will take place in 2024 and, with this in mind, we are working consistently and on the basis of a clear plan.

In a spirit of total respect for society and the environment, and fully aware of the importance of our mission, we are making every effort to be deserving of the trust that the city Authorities have placed in us and to prove ourselves equal to the increased demands and expectations of a modern, informed, developed, and dynamic local community.


May 2023

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